Forensic Sciences


Total Estimated Investment

International Student 4000€ *2

CPLP Students 2200€ *2

European Student 1250€ *2


The 2nd cycle of studies in Forensic Sciences of the University of Porto is a program that enables students from multiple backgrounds to acquire the theoretical and practical skills necessary to obtain a specialization in one of Forensic Sciences areas (Legal Medicine, Forensic Laboratorial Sciences and Forensic Psychological Sciences) as well as to develop a master thesis in that area. During the first year, the students attend a short core curriculum of 30 ECTS, covering the fundaments of Juridical Sciences and Criminology, Forensic Laboratory Sciences, Forensic Medical and Psychological Sciences and Investigation Methodologies. This common core is followed by a variety of optional units encompassing the main research topics in forensic sciences.
Such a broad, multidisciplinary approach is guaranteed by the collaboration of diverse and distinct Schools of the University of Porto: the Faculties of Medicine, Law, Psychology and Education, Pharmacy, Sciences and Dental Medicine as well as the Biomedical Sciences Institute “Abel Salazar”.  

For whom?

Degree in medicine or other health related sciences, odontology, law, chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical sciences, biology, psychology, anthropology, nursing, social services, sociology, criminal sciences and police sciences. Other areas upon curricular evaluation.


Why this master?

This Master’s program aims to provide a deeper knowledge in the field of Legal Medicine at a postgraduate level. It also aims to provide an application of medical knowledge to law issues.

Professional Opportunities

Forensic Expert, Forensic Services, Criminal Investigation Technicians or Forensic Medicine Teaching, among others:

  • Specialization in Forensic Laboratory Sciences (60 ECTS credits)

  • Specialization in Legal Medicine (60 ECTS credits)

  • Specialization in Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry (60 ECTS credits)


1st and 2nd semester (Year 1)
 Juridical Sciences and Criminology
Clinical Forensic Sciences
Forensic Laboratorial Sciences
Reserach Methodologies in Forensic Sciences
Dissertation Projet

Contact us

Rua de Jorge Viterbo Ferreira,
228 4050-313 Porto


3rd and 4th semester (Year 2)
Follow-up seminar