Master in Bioengineering


Total Estimated Investment

International Student 4000€ *2

CPLP Students 2200€ *2

European Student 1250€ *2


The Integrated Master in Bioengineering has been awarded the international EUR-ACE quality label. This certifies MIB as a high-quality programme which meets the international standards for professional engineering education at the masters level. O ciclo de estudo encontra-se acreditado pela Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior (A3ES).

This master aims preparing students with skills to approach, in a multidisciplinary way, biomedicine and industrial biotechnology problems in the perspective of the processes engineering and the molecular engineering.

It offers three different branches or specializations (Biological Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Molecular Biotechnology) after a common branch of two years. The first two branches take place at the Faculty of Engineering, whereas the third at ICBAS. Besides the informal presentations given by guests of the business and health world, which will take place since the 1st year of this degree, the course plan also encompasses a short-time internship in the 3rd year, in order to familiarise students with the business environment. At the end of the 5th year it will also take place an internship, which will last one semester.

For whom?

To candidates with basic training in the areas of Bioengineering, who wish to acquire advanced and more specific training focused on advanced topics of Bioengineering.

Why this master?

Bioengineering Training at the University of Porto provided through the partnership of two of its most respected Schools, providing an effective transdisciplinary approach and a unique diversity.

Also offers a solid and diversified theoretical training, complemented by intense laboratory training.

A strong interaction student / teacher, through theoretical-practical and laboratory classes, in small classes or tutorials, and supported by the development of carefully outlined experimentation to illustrate the concepts.

Give you access to high quality resources in terms of physical facilities, equipment, laboratories, and software. And offers the possibility of mobility in universities and research institutes / interface, national and international, recognized for their excellence.

Professional Opportunities

Branch of Biomedical Engineering biomedical instrumentation, processing and analysis of signals and biomedical images, medical devices (external and internal prosthesis), tissue engineering (namely regenerative medicine), telemedicine, bioinformatics, medical robotics (minimally invasive surgery) and bionics.

Branch of Biological Engineering – industries of chemical-biological processes (pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, fragrance) highlighting the importance of natural materials (wood, leather, materials and marine origin products), environment and environmental health (treatment of contaminated waste, environmental quality in hospitals and health companies).

Branch of Molecular Biotechnologysectors where it is a priority to design and develop new products based on molecular biology, especially drugs and diagnostic systems.


Several partnerships have been established with European institutions, namely within the scope of the ERASMUS program, allowing the mobility of students in 15 countries. More than 50 existing collaboration agreements between Brazilian Higher Education Institutions (IES) and the University of Porto, as well as under the Almeida Garrett program, allow student mobility in a complementary way. Find out more here. 


1st semester (Year 1)
Separation Processes in Biotechnology
Biomolecular and Metabolic Engineering
Food Technology
Operacional Research
Protein Engineering
2nd semester (Year 1)
Quality and Security
Seminars and Research Project
 Management and Inovation in Bioengineering
Project of Biological Engineering
3rd and 4th semester (Year 2)
Integrated Research Project and Dissertation

2nd semester (Year 1)

1st semester (Year 1)
Computer-Aided Diagnostics
Operacional Research
 Information Systems Engineering
Tissues Regeneration and Repair
1st Optional Group EBIOMED – 1stY – 1stS | Transferable Skills EBIOMED – 1stY – 1stS
Management and Inovation in Bioengineering
 2nd Optional Group EBIOMED – 1stY- 2ndS
3rd and 4th semester (Year 2)
Project in Biomedical Engineering and Dissertation



1st semester (Year 1)
Nanotherapeutics and Nanodiagnosis
Operacional Research
 Preclinical Research and Clinical Trials
 Cellular Engineering and Stem Cell Biology
1st Optional Group EBIOMOL – 1stY – 1stS | Transferable Skills EBIOMOL- 1stY – 1stS
Management and Inovation in Bioengineering
2nd semester (Year 1)
Project of Molecular Bioengineering
Management and Inovation in Bioengineering
2nd Optional Group EBIOMOL – 1stY- 2ndS
3rd Optional Group EBIOMOL – 1stY- 2ndS
3rd and 4th semester (Year 2)
Integrated Research Project and Dissertation

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Prof. Eduardo

“Attending the Master in Marine Sciences – Marine
Resources is a unique and differentiating experience
due to the diversified and flexible curriculum,
the possibility of building a personalized training path, excellent academic environment, proximity between
teachers and students, with the guarantee of quality, inherent to the prestige of ICBAS and partners involved.”