ICBAS welcomes cutting-edge technology in robotic surgery

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The School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the University of Porto (ICBAS) is hosting, in its facilities, a technological demonstration of robotic surgery (by Medtronic) in a symbiosis between medicine and bioengineering.

Provided by Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Porto (CHUP), this demonstration, which will be on display to the medical clinic community and students, aims to be a showcase of the present and cutting-edge future at the service of the doctor. It is therefore a unique opportunity for ICBAS students to interact with the best technology on the market.

Robotic surgery is now a reality in more than 70 years, and has an essential role in improving doctor’s performance. “This tecnhology contributes to improving the surgeon’s performance and, consequently, the surgical effectiveness: reducing the adverse effects of the interventions, the hospitalization time and facilitating the patient’s recovery process”, as highlighted by the professor and Director of the CHUP Urology Service, Avelino Fraga.

“We, scientists and doctors, are interested in disclosing everything that exists. In this case, showing to young medical students that it is not the future, but the present, and showing bioengineering students that medicine is not a closed training”, adds the professor.

Avelino Fraga also recalls that “medicine is now open to veterinary, pharmacy, engineering”, so “we need all professionals to develop equipment like this. Nothing better than ICBAS, where life and sciences meet, to disseminate this technology for our vision of the future, One School, One Health.”

This text was written by Bárbara Silva, Communication Manager | Internationalization Working Group

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