Bachelor in Biochemistry


Total Estimated Investment

International Student 4000€ *2

CPLP Students 2200€ *2

European Student 1250€ *2


The Degree in Biochemistry aims to understand biological processes at different levels of complexity (molecules, cells, tissues, organs and organisms), being a fundamentally interdisciplinary course. This study cycle promotes the training of professionals with a solid base of scientific-technological knowledge and skills in several areas, including Biochemistry, Biophysics, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Physiology and Microbiology, as well as Immunology, Food Chemistry and Ecology, among others. It offers: a) equivalence to cycles of the same degree, taught by European educational institutions; b) the possibility of continuing, with reasonable autonomy, for advanced training in 2nd cycle courses in Biochemistry, or in similar areas, in European institutions; c) immediate access to the labor market.

Application Procedures 2022/2023

Admission PolicyNumerus Clausus: 92 (*)
Special AdmissionVacancies: Above 23 years of age: 4 | TOCS: 1 
Change of DegreeVacancies: 1rst year: 2 | Other years: 2
ReadmissionNot subject to numerus clausus.
Concurso Especial – Estudante InternacionalVacancies: 13 (**)  (Phase 1Phase 2)

(*)  The vacancies were approved by Rector’s order of 26 July 2021.
(**) The vacancies were approved by Rector’s order of 6 December 2021.



Professional Opportunities

The Biochemistry Graduate is able to develop professional activity in research laboratories, in R&D departments in companies linked to the industry (for example, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology and cosmetics), in chemical and biological analysis laboratories, and in educational institutions or involved in the dissemination of science and technology.
1st semester (Year 1)
Computational Biochemistry
Industrial Biochemistry
Complements of Molecular Biology
Instrumental Analysis
1st Semester Options – M:BIOQ
2nd semester (Year 1)
Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
Structure and Function of Proteins
2nd Semester Options – M:BIOQ – Option in Biological Sciences or ICBAS
2nd Semester Options – M:BIOQ – Options in Chemistry or FCUP
3rd and 4th semester (Year 2)

Contact us

Rua de Jorge Viterbo Ferreira,
228 4050-313 Porto


Prof. Carmen Jerónimo

“This is a master’s degree with a multidisciplinary and multidimensional character, promoting a critical scientific interpretation of students. In addition to being
composed of a highly qualified faculty, this Master’s
has a privileged connection with an international
reference center (IPO-Porto), giving students the
opportunity to take classes in a hospital environment
in the different areas of clinical oncology, in contact
direct with clinical practice in oncology. It is, therefore,
an asset for those who want to specialize in this area.”