Bachelor in Bioengineering


Total Estimated Investment

International Student 4000€ *2

CPLP Students 2200€ *2

European Student 1250€ *2


The main objective is to prepare human resources with the capacity to address biomedicine and industrial biotechnology problems in a multidisciplinary way from the perspectives of devices, processes and molecular engineering, promoting the capacity for systematic understanding in a specific domain. It is intended that graduates are able to manipulate, operate and maintain systems and services in specific fields of Bioengineering. 

It is also intended to ensure that students have experimental contact with research techniques , in order to develop curiosity/interest in carrying out high-level scientific research of a fundamental and/or applied nature, according to internationally accepted quality parameters and ethical standards. 

The training objectives of the study plan also include the development of skills to carry out group work to communicate with their peers and with the academic and business community.

Application Procedures 2022/2023


The secretariat works in the DEQ, in room E012 (9:30-12:30/14:00-17h).
Dr. Celia Cerqueira
Tel: 225574199 – ext: 3614

At ICBAS the secretariat works in the Pedagogical Council room (9:30-12:30/14:00-17h).
Dr. Ana Rodrigues
Tel: 220428010

Professional Opportunities

Specialization in Biomedical Engineering – biomedical instrumentation, processing and analysis of biomedical signals and images, medical devices (external and internal prostheses), tissue engineering (notably for regenerative medicine), telemedicine, bioinformatics, medical robotics (minimally invasive surgery), and bionics.

Specialization in Biological Engineering – chemical-biological process industries (pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, aromas) and natural materials valorization (wood, leather, materials and products of marine origin), environment and environmental health (treatment of contaminated waste, quality environment in hospitals and healthcare companies).

Specialization in Molecular Bioengineering – sectors where the design and development of new products based on molecular biology is a priority, particularly drugs and diagnostic systems.

1st semester (Year 1)
Computational Biochemistry
Industrial Biochemistry
Complements of Molecular Biology
Instrumental Analysis
1st Semester Options – M:BIOQ
2nd semester (Year 1)
Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
Structure and Function of Proteins
2nd Semester Options – M:BIOQ – Option in Biological Sciences or ICBAS
2nd Semester Options – M:BIOQ – Options in Chemistry or FCUP
3rd and 4th semester (Year 2)

Contact us

Rua de Jorge Viterbo Ferreira,
228 4050-313 Porto


Prof. Carmen Jerónimo

“This is a master’s degree with a multidisciplinary and multidimensional character, promoting a critical scientific interpretation of students. In addition to being
composed of a highly qualified faculty, this Master’s
has a privileged connection with an international
reference center (IPO-Porto), giving students the
opportunity to take classes in a hospital environment
in the different areas of clinical oncology, in contact
direct with clinical practice in oncology. It is, therefore,
an asset for those who want to specialize in this area.”