Biomedical Sciences


from 08/30/2021 to 09/17/2021
from 11/08/2021 to 11/12/2021

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Total Estimated Investment

International Student 6000€ *4

CPLP Students 3300€ *4

European Student 2750€ *4


The program lasts 4 academic years. The 1st year is called the Probation Year. During this year, the doctoral candidate makes an initial personalized training adapted to his interests. The structure of the 1st year is therefore completely flexible, with no fixed teaching units. It is desired that the student starts preparatory work on Thesis, along with the attendance of scientific-technical courses of interest, in Biomedical Sciences and training to gain soft skills. At the end of the 1st year, the doctoral candidate is subjected to an exam, the Probation Year Test. From the 2nd year onwards, the doctoral student researches to develop an original thesis specially developed for this purpose, within the scope of Biomedical Sciences.


The PhD program aims to provide 3rd cycle skills, in a broad context of Biomedical Sciences, basic and applied. The program’s philosophy fits perfectly into the current concept of One Health. The program aims to cultivate the autonomy of the doctoral student, allowing him, under mentoring, to build a training path that develops the most valuable scientific, technical, personal and interpersonal skills in the face of their primary motivations and professional goals. The doctoral candidate is encouraged and required to prove that he/she can carry out scientific research with international recognition.

Admission Requirements

Among other requirements, the integration of a minimum of 1 original article (full length paper) in which the doctoral candidate is the 1st author, accepted or already published in an international journal of the specialty, is an absolute condition for the delivery and public defense of the Thesis.

Professional Opportunities

Teaching Careers (Teachers); Research Careers (Researchers); Senior Managers of Public and Private Institutions (Managers, Technicians)

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