Molecular and Cell Biology


from 28/08/2023 to 17/09/2023
from 03/11/2023 to 09/11/2023

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Total Estimated Investment

International Student 6000€ *4

CPLP Students 3300€ *4

European Student 2750€ *4


The International Doctoral Program in Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCBiology) is jointly organized by the Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICBAS, UP), the Faculty of Sciences (FCUP) and the Institute for Research and Innovation in Health (i3S, UP). All these Institutions have a long tradition in offering advanced studies in Molecular and Cellular Biology, both in research and in teaching. The Program has an international External Advisory Board composed by: Nicholas Proudfoot, University of Oxford, UK; Peter Lindblad, Uppsala University, Sweden; Cord Brakebusch, Universidade de Copenhaga.


The main objective of MCBiology is to provide excellent doctoral training in Molecular and Cellular Biology in an interdisciplinary and international setting, promoting the integration of the students in leading research groups with international collaborations.

The students will acquire the knowledge, as well as the intellectual and technical skills, to tackle relevant questions in different professional settings, in academia or industry, where advanced Molecular and Cellular Biology plays a role. We envisage that the students will acquire an advanced understanding of the established aspects in this vast field as well as its open questions. Specifically, the students will acquire cutting-edge technical know-how to obtain data, will develop the skills to ask new questions, and will develop methodologies to help in their resolution. The students will be able to critically analyze problems, the experimental data and the possible solutions. The program will specifically target the development of creativity, autonomous thinking, and rigorous critical thought.

Candidates to the program must fulfill the following criteria:

1. Holders of a Master’s degree or equivalent in Life Sciences, including Biology, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medicine and Veterinary or related fields. Holders of Master’s degree or equivalent in exact sciences or engineering will also be considered.

2. Holders of a degree in Life Sciences and /or holders of a relevant academic, scientific or professional curriculum attesting capacity to complete this cycle of studies, as evaluated by the University of Porto.

3. Holders of degrees awarded by foreign universities with an adequate curriculum/scientific preparation, in accordance with 1.

4. The inclusion of at least 1 (one) original article (full length paper) published or accepted for publication in an indexed international journal (SCI), whose 1st author is a doctoral student.

5. Holders of a 1st cycle degree with an average mark of 14 or higher and a Master’s degree with an average mark of 15 and higher.
Holders of an Integrated Master’s Degree with an average mark of 15 

For more information on applications, please visit the program’s page here.

Fields of Specialization

A main concern of the MCbiology PhD program is the successful progression of students through the program. For this purpose, the program includes a Graduate Student Mentoring Committee. A member of this committee (tutor) accompanies a student group throughout their 4-year program. The tutor regularly meets on a one-to-one basis with each student and provides guidance through the common hurdles encountered in a PhD program, in particular the program´s curricular sections and the student´s choices for thesis research work. The tutor also provides advice on the choice of future career paths.
In addition, each student has a dedicated Student Research committee composed of three members selected among the PhD program faculty. The committee follows closely the student´s research progress. This committee ensures that the student receives timely feedback and suggestions on their research.
The program is prepared to provide advanced practical and theoretical knowledge in Molecular and Cell Biology, namely in the areas of Protein Structure and Function, Cell Biology, Functional Genetics, Tissues and Biological Systems and Ethics and Communication of Science.

Professional Opportunities

The doctoral program aims to train doctors in Molecular and Cell Biology with strong scientific knowledge and the scientific, technical and intellectual skills necessary to develop advanced research (basic or applied) and qualified professional service in higher education institutions, in research institutes or centres, in industry (biotechnology and pharmaceutical) and in public health institutions (hospitals, diagnostic centres, clinical laboratory analysis).

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