Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology Applied to Health Sciences


from 28/08/2023 to 17/09/2023
from 03/11/2023 to 09/11/2023

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Total Estimated Investment

International Student 6000€ *4

CPLP Students 3300€ *4

European Student 2750€ *4


The International Doctoral Program in Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology applied to Health Sciences (BiotechHealth) is jointly organized by:

– Two Schools of the University of Porto (U: Porto) – the Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICBAS UP) and the Faculty of Pharmacy;

– Two Research Centers – The Institute of Health Research and Innovation of the University of Porto (i3S) and the Chemistry and Technology Network (REQUIMTE);

– A Hospital – The Porto University Hospital Center (CHP)

More than twenty institutions, mostly international, including universities, research institutes and companies, are also associated with BiotechHealth. This program offers training in molecular biotechnology applied to the health sciences, namely in diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, tissue regeneration, cellular and nanomedicine therapies, and microbial biotechnology, in a truly interdisciplinary and international environment.

The program is designed to allow students to focus their learning on a research environment and on conducting experimental work. One of the distinctive elements of the program is the acquisition of transversal skills that reinforce students’ autonomy and the ability to insert themselves after the doctorate in academic or business environments. These skills are acquired throughout the program according to the student’s need. In addition, the student has the possibility to attend advanced training actions chosen by himself/herself and allowing a constant updating of knowledge. Participation in conferences, seminars and other scientific meetings is strongly encouraged and valued.

The teaching component is intended to provide students with the opportunity to acquire transversal skills, particularly in the areas of intellectual property, entrepreneurship, ethics, scientific writing, grant writing and communication. These skills can be acquired either through courses offered by BiotechHealth or by national and foreign research institutions. In this case, recognition of the merit of the training by the BiotechHealth Scientific Commission is required.

An essential component of the program is collaboration with leading international research groups and companies. Students must spend a minimum of 6 months in a foreign institution (research laboratory, hospital or industry).

The BiotechHealth Program accepts up to 15 students per year based on rigorous assessment. Candidates must have as a minimum condition for application the degree of Master and academic background in at least one of the following areas: bioengineering, biotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences, biology, medicine, biochemistry, nanomedicine, chemistry.

In order to help students in fulfilling their objectives, a PhD Advisory Committee (PAC) is constituted for each student for regular discussion on the progress of the work. The PAC is be proposed by the student and the supervisor to the BiotechHealth Scientific Commission. The PAC should include the supervisor, co-supervisor (if applicable) and up to two other investigators not directly involved in the research work. The PAC meets at the request of the student. It is recommended that the PAC meets the student at least once a year. The scientific information exchanged during the meetings is kept confidential.


The doctoral program aims to provide advanced training in Molecular and Cellular Biology applied to Health Sciences, as well as to endow the students with transversal skills in the areas of intellectual property, technology transfer, entrepreneurship, ethics, writing and scientific communication and project development. In the teaching component, students benefit from formative flexibility, allowing them to adapt to each individual’s PhD project. Students must spend a minimum of 6 months in an international institution (laboratory, hospital or industry), outside Portugal.

Admission Requirements

Among other requirements, the inclusion of at least 1 (one) original article (full article) published or accepted for publication in an indexed international journal (SCI), whose 1st author is the doctoral student.

Fields of Specialization

The Program will focus especially on the scientific areas indicated below, encouraging the realization of interdisciplinary projects between two or more areas.

  • Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapies
  • Nanodiagnosis and Nanotherapy
  • Molecular and Cellular Biophysics and Computational Design of Biomolecules
  • Microbial Biotechnology

Professional Opportunities

BiotechHealth assures high-quality training to those aiming at a professional career in academic or industrial environment, facilitating the access to international research networks or health-oriented biotech companies.

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