September 20th at 5pm (Lisbon Time) – Hybrid Format
Chair: Carlos Conde
Title: "Simple solutions to complex problems: from protein phosphorylation networks to anti-cancer treatments"

Dr Adrian Saurin established his lab at The University of Dundee in 2013. Adrian’s group studies how kinases and phosphatases work together to control the cell cycle. The lab has focussed mainly on chromosome segregation during mitosis, but over the last few years they have also studied the G1>S transition and how this can be targeted to kill cancer cells. Recent work from the lab demonstrates how CDK4/6 inhibitors, which arrest cells in G1, cause replication stress by uncoupling cell growth from the cell cycle. This has major implications for how cancer cells become senescent following a prolonged cell cycle arrest. During his seminar, Adrian will present recent unpublished data in both of these areas. This includes a new chemical-genetic system they have recently developed to inhibit specific phosphatase complexes, and a new model to explain how cell cycle inhibitors can achieve tumour-specific effects by turning oncogenes against cancer cells.


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