April 19th at 5pm (Lisbon Time) – Hybrid Format
Chair: Paula Sampaio
Title: "Molecular Mechanisms that Regulate Normal and Cancer Cell Migration"

Dr. Brown has been working in the field of quantitative bioimaging for almost 30 years. Her research focuses on applying biophysical techniques to fluorescence microscopy images to extract quantitative data measuring protein distributions, dynamics and interactions. She has applied these techniques to study proteins that regulate cell adhesion and migration to understand how migration is regulated at the molecular level in normal and diseased cellular systems. This includes active projects on breast cancer cell migration. Her research has also focused on optimizing live cell imaging to minimize phototoxicity and ensure the collection of high-fidelity data that is free of light induced artifacts. Quality control and standards for quantitative light microscopy have also been an important area of research. Under her leadership over the past 18 years, the Advanced BioImaging Facility (ABIF) at McGill University has become the most prominent imaging centre in Canada. Through the facility she is has developed and offered interactive learning courses and workshops in fundamental and advanced light microscopy. She is the Canadian representative for Global BioImaging, Founder of Canada BioImaging and Co-Chair of BioImaging North America (BINA). These networks are focused on technology training and education, professional development for imaging scientists and building community so we can learn from one another and move the global community forward together.


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