Step by step, building a Global School

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The main strategic goals of ICBAS’ internationalization plan include strengthening our international educational profile, research power, and reputation in the human, animal, and environmental health fields, by promoting partnerships around the globe and attracting international students.

In a global world – full of global challenges – in the health sector, it is mandatory to promote international actions in education, engagement, and research. Everyone and all resources (Universities, Research Centers and Hospitals) should be prepared and readily available to respond to enormous challenges in the area of the life sciences.

Being aware of this responsibility as a biomedical school, we are committed to develop an inclusive school by growing our portfolio of international courses and provide more mobility opportunities for our students. We want to provide an innovative and resourceful school to challenge all our students to improve and achieve high standards of education. We aim to prepare our students for their development in their professions internationally, in a global, multicultural, and innovative world.

ICBAS already has a broad international community of students representing more than 20 nationalities from all over the world. Our international courses will offer student exchange programs and we will promote joint teaching and research programs. We are looking forward to facilitating the intake of more international students and encourage the inclusion of faculty staff. Many of our students develop part of their Master’s and PhD’s projects in an international atmosphere. They take part in joint international projects, are co-supervised by international scientists, and defend their theses by international juries. Many of our students undertake international positions in academia, research and biopharmaceutical companies, throughout the world.

But we want more. We want to be a reference in the University of Porto for a global strategy. For that to happen, our first step was the construction of this website to attract international students to ICBAS and to serve as a platform to integrate and disseminate our international activities. We also organized the 1st ICBAS International Webinar Series, where top speakers from some of the best Universities, Research Centers, and Hospitals throughout the world were invited by members of our Faculty to present and discuss their work with our students. We aim to attract high-profile, distinguished visitors and strategic delegations to participate in international activities, seminars, workshops, and conferences. All these events provide key opportunities for the students to exchange ideas and to interact with top international speakers in a vibrant scientific atmosphere and international environment.

Internationalization is a dynamic and continuous process that needs the support of Faculty members, students, researchers, medical doctors, Alumni, and all ICBAS community. We count on everyone’s support to revamp ICBAS into a renowned global school.


This text was written by Alexandra Moreira, Principal Investigator, responsible for the Internationalization Working Group of ICBAS.

My experience of distance learning has been exciting and enlightening! I have got to know people from various countries and continents.

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