Applications for the course “Exploring the Cell – Light Microscopy Beyond Basics” are open

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From 28th of November of 2022 to 28th of February of 2023, life sciences PhD students can apply for the Advanced Course “Exploring the Cell – Light Microscopy Beyond Basics”.

The course results of a partnership between ICBAS (MCbiology PhD Program) and the i3s, and aims to:

  1. Introduce the students into state-of-the-art of light microscopy technology;
  2. Familiarize students with the various microscopy equipment through a practical component;
  3. Introduce digital image analyses as a fundamental tool for projects that involve microscopy.

Beside the basic concepts, “Exploring the Cell – Light Microscopy Beyond Basics” will focus in the advanced light microscopy techniques and applications, such as optical sectioning methods, live cell imaging, molecular analysis, super-resolution microscopy, correlative light-electron microscopy and digital image analysis.

The course is schedule for April of 2023 (between 19th and 21st of April) and includes theorical and practical classes at the i3S. Applications are free, but vacancies are limited. For any questions or to send applications please contact

To know more check ICBAS Sigarra

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