‘Love Letters to ICBAS’ by Mauro Taccori

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Hello my name is Mauro Taccori and I am an erasmus student from Italy, from Cagliari (Sardinia).

I have been here since September and I will leave only in July and I can say that Eramus at ICBAS is a wonderful experience in many ways. You learn to deal with a new reality, different exams, different classrooms, but I can say to date that I have learned a lot. I arrived here not knowing how to speak a word of Portuguese, but now after a semester I can say that I know how to speak it, not like a native speaker, but I can speak it.

The atmosphere at ICBAS is very welcoming, I have met a lot of people who have been welcoming to me and are now my friends, and also many people come here for Erasmus, which proves that the international programme is well done.

Finally, I can only recommend students to come here for Erasmus, apart from studying, Porto is a beautiful city, safe, the food is very good, there is the sea, many university parties where you can meet more people and icbas certainly plays its part! 


Obrigado Porto 🙂

Mauro Taccori


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